Love has no boundaries by Eric Su

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Love has no boundaries

Sharer: Eric Su (蘇紀豪)
Series: The Daily Journal Dharma Master Cheng Yen (衲履足跡), 

Summer Volume, May 27 ~ June 2, 2022

Translated by: Hung, Celia  (洪芯宜)

Edited by:Hong, Wayne (洪崇維)


The heart can be lost and it can also be filled with love. The direction of the heart depends on a single thought. The ongoing Russo-Ukrainian war has caused over 300,000 casualties as of February 2023. This great catastrophe stems from ignorance. A confused heart is completely blinded by greed, anger, and delusion.

During one of the Volunteers Morning Assembly last year, Master Dedun said, "One of our brothers was weeding in the Abode and his phone was connected to the assembly. He placed his phone on the ground and listened to the session while working. A lizard came over to listen to the teachings as well and remained motionless, respectfully listening from 8:20 am to 10:20 am." The Master lamented, "Even animals can concentrate, but not humans."


Once the mind deviates from its path, it may lead to saying the wrong words, taking the wrong path, and doing the wrong things, causing terrifying harm. However, Pandora's box always holds hope. Even in the darkest places, there are still fireflies that use their dim light to illuminate the world with all their heart.

This group of people has witnessed the suffering of humanity and empathized with it. They are willing to contribute to the betterment of society and have also enhanced their wisdom, leading to greater realization. The Master once said, "Those who are able to give are very fortunate. What is even more precious is giving without expectation and only with gratitude."


Look at the Polish team. They went there to embrace, care for and comfort those who were suffering. They gave without harming the dignity of those who were helped and made them feel "love" in a considerate and attentive manner. The volunteer Bodhisattvas also made dumplings with everyone, soothing their troubled hearts. The proceeds from the sale were also donated to help the elderly and those in need, which made the group of Ukrainians who had left their hometowns feel that they could also do something meaningful and give back to the local community.

In 2022/11/28 Dai Ai News:

During a home visit, Tzu Chi volunteers discovered that an elderly person from Poland had difficulties with both language and work. The volunteers invited them to join in making vegetarian dumplings, a traditional dish from their hometown, and accompanied them to go outdoors to make new friends. Nadia, an elderly person from Ukraine, said, "Thank you for inviting us here to gather." Nina, who lived alone in a Polish household, gained the courage to go out. Farrell, a retired soldier, was not good at making dumplings but looked forward to the moment of making the dough. He also celebrated his first birthday in a foreign land at the gathering. The dumplings made by everyone were sold online, and 80% of the proceeds will be used for the elderly's daily necessities.

In addition to the Dumpling Club, Tzu Chi volunteers in Poland also care for children. The physical and mental traumas suffered by the children from Ukraine to Poland are unimaginable. Tzu Chi volunteers will not forget about these future trees.

In 2022/06/16 Dai Ai News:, 00:32~01:07) 

Tzu Chi volunteers carefully wiped down the tables and chairs, accompanied waiting families, and chatted with them like old friends. This was the second time that Tzu Chi volunteers walked into the Lublin Children's Hospital and Palliative Care Center, bringing not only gift cards and blankets but also sincere care and concern as if visiting old friends.

The Marina mentioned by the volunteers is a translation volunteer who squatted beside the little girl. She introduced the process of making eco-friendly blankets to Maria, who had just received the gift. The little girl felt it was incredible and expressed her gratitude in a shy tone: "Thank you very much." Ukrainian volunteer Marina said, "Because the children here are all sick, they have many health problems, and their parents cannot afford the medical expenses. Sometimes they can't even buy small things like food. They need more help and protection."

My elementary school teacher once said, "If you can make three people around you happy in a day, then you have succeeded for that day." Similarly, the Master hopes that everyone can be a benefactor in other people's lives. Tzu Chi volunteers have truly achieved this! Tainan Tzu Chi students donated their saved change, while Hualien Tzu Chi teachers and students used their creativity to sell handmade items, shining a little light like fireflies to make this world a better place.

When we bring auspiciousness to the world with sincere friendship, the abundant teachings of the Master have already benefited us, and all beings. Look at how touching the phrase "I love you, Tzu Chi" is.

Looking at their distressing situation, we should arouse compassion in our hearts and sacrifice a little by eating a little less or spending a little less, and use those savings to help those in need. By doing so, we not only help them, but also bring blessings to ourselves.

Kaohsiung English interpreter team member, Hsin-Wen Chang, went to Austria in 2022 for further studies. She was willing to bring the love of Tzu Chi to care for Ukrainian friends because of her compassion with the local Chinese. Hsin-Wen started her journey from Austria, passing through the Czech Republic, and finally arrived in Poland after driving for nearly 9 hours!

"On a cold day, receiving a blanket from the volunteers, I wrapped it around myself, feeling not only physically warm but also emotionally comforted." The high-quality blankets made from recycled PET bottles collected and sorted by environmental volunteers in Taiwan were transported to the local area and distributed to those in need, turning waste into something valuable.

We should cherish everything around us. Even the simplest things are hiding infinite wisdom. As long as we put our hearts into it, we will realize that love is everywhere.

Doing the right thing every day gives value to our lives. If we always get caught up in the conflicts of right and wrong, then doing good things will become optional and life will be wasted in constant additions and subtractions. This is why we should do the right thing with sincerity and wholeheartedness, without compromising. Tzu Chi was also born from the efforts of 30 housewives who each donated 50 cents with sincerity and wholeheartedness.

2022.06.19 Dai Ai News, 00:25~00:46, 01:15~01:37)

Chen Si-dan, Executive Office Assistant to the CEO of Tzu Chi Charity Foundation, said, "Master Cheng Yen founded Tzu Chi when she was 29 years old. At that time, she had no money nor resources, and there were only a handful of volunteers with nothing. (The Master) sold baby shoes to make a living."

Ukrainian volunteer: "Joining Tzu Chi gave me a different future." Anna, a Ukrainian volunteer, said, "When I first came to Poland, I didn't have a job because I had to take care of my children. I felt useless, but then I met Tzu Chi volunteers who told me what to do and how to contribute, which gave me a sense of security." Joining Tzu Chi also cultivates empathy. Having experienced the loss of loved ones, Yara earnestly learns to turn small acts of kindness into great acts of love, reducing suffering in the world. Yara, a Ukrainian volunteer, said, "Helping people is my mission. I am a social worker in Ukraine, and I feel that I have come to the right place (Tzu Chi), which is a source of happiness for me."

Last year on October 23, while chatting with Lucas and his wife Shu Er, Lucas excitedly told me, "I can't believe that you guys from Taiwan, of different races and religions, are willing to come all the way to our country to care for people we have never met in our entire lives."

Why do you all want to do this? Lucas thought to himself, "One day I must go to Taiwan and see every one of your faces in person!" I replied, "By detaching ourselves from religion, race, and even desire, we have pure love. Master wants us to let love fill the world, so we are just following his words."

During his teachings, Master Cheng Yen often mentions the clock on her desk and the little ant on it. As long as we are determined to move in the right direction and not take one step forward and two steps back, it is not impossible to climb Mount Su-meru. I am grateful for the audience of the book club both on-site and online. "Love has no boundaries." May the world be filled with love.


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